Ben H. Atlanta, GA


Dakun is an excellent pain relief specialist. The combination of her therapy equipment, her hands, and experience were able to provide me tremendous relief in only 1 hour. I came to her with constant tension on my back due to the nature of my job including travel. I was hoping she could help me...and she did! Her rate is more than the average 1 hour massage, but I feel the money was well spent. I could feel instant and deeper relief, and I believe it will be longer lasting. I have been to many massage therapists over the years, but I feel Dakun has helped me most within the first visit, and I believe I will continue to make drastic improve each time I get treated. Dakun is also a very nice and professional person. I am very glad I was able to meet her.

Hayatii A. Atlanta, GA


This woman is absolutely magical... she was able to get rid of the pain I’ve had for years in just a couple of sessions. Can’t wait for next one!

Trina B. Indiana


Full range of motion and mobility restored. Dakun is always very professional and concerned about helping people. These treatments have allowed me to cancel my hip surgery, so well worth the cost.

Rongrong C. Indiana


I got a car accident recently, went to Myopain relief center. Dakun checked my neck and my shoulder, gave 100 mins treatment. It was amazing, my neck and shoulder felt more better and next morning it was easy to get up. I recommend her to all the people have pain. She can help you right the way.

Ken R. Indiana


Dakun is very knowledgeable and highly competent in myofascial trigger point therapy. Equally important, she is kind, caring professional. The visit begins by filling out a chart indication where the pain occurs, what kind of pain it (aching, throbbing, stabbing, burning, etc) and its intensity. After an examination of the painful areas including range of motion, muscle condition, etc., the therapy session begins. My experience with then has been nothing short of incredible. Dakun has amazing instincts for where the pain is and once she begins threating the affected areas, she is extremely effective in releasing tension in stiff, painful muscles and taking pressure off impinged nerves. She users a combination of myofascial massage therapy and Trigger point therapy with a sound wave machine that is applied directly on the painful areas. I am extremely pleased with the treatments and care provided by Dakun. My lower back pain was completely eliminated on my first visit several months ago. I have not experienced lower back pain since then. My sciatica pain has been significantly reduced over the course of several visits. I walked in limping for my most recent treatment on October 22nd and walked out pain free and limp free.

Description of work:

I have recurring sciatica pain and was referred to Myopain Relief Center by a colleague at work who was every pleased with her treatment. The proprietors were very friendly and helpful and scheduled my immediately as they have on all previous visits.

Dr. Ben Adams, DDS, Indiana


I have been a dentist over the past 13 years, which has been a physically demanding job placing a lot of tension on my upper back and neck. Then, I found Indy Myopain Relief Center July 2014 browsing the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists website. After a few sessions with Dakun, I felt 80% better overall. Their treatment has helped me begin to function again without constant pain. Dakun has been very professional with my treatment and flexible with scheduling my appointments.

Description of work:

Trigger point therapy for daily chronic migraines.

April H. Indiana


I’ve had daily chronic migraines since 2006, and have tried many different things to help alleviate them, such as many medications, Botox, steroid injections and acupuncture. Nothing has given me as much relief as the trigger point therapy. Before therapy, I could not get through a single day without a migraine. Since therapy, I have had days with no headaches! It has really helped me get my quality of life back! The owners are wonderful! They are every caring and compassionate. You can tell that they really love helping people and what they do. I am so glad that I found Indy Myopain Center, and I HIGHLY recommend them!

Description of work:

Trigger point therapy for daily chronic migraines.